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Radio of epoch Radio of epoch Leon Center

General Electric brand electric radio from years 40 to 50. It has 2 bands: Standard and Short, and its model is X257.

The first radio broadcast as a means of mass communication took place at 1906 in the United States. The creation of commercial stations is produced in 1920 also in the United States. In Pittsburgh, the world's first regular station with daily recordings is released. At 1923 the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was founded in the United Kingdom. For 1925, 600 radio stations were already operating all over the world.

The Dominican Republic can be considered a pioneer country in the introduction of commercial radio. In 1924, the same year in which it was introduced in Spain, the HIH station was born and the era of radio in the country began. It was an experimental 5 WATT station that aired from 12 to 2 PM, only on weekends and broadcast the news of the LISTIN DIARIO and the baseball of the big leagues. The station, like much of the city of Santo Domingo, was destroyed in 1930 by the San Zenón cyclone but, by that time, there were others such as La Voz del papagayo, founded in La Romana in 1926

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