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This necklace, made approximately between 350 to 1500 AD. C., was made using 335 dog fangs, an animal with which the Taíno manages to develop an extra-family and group affection, also known as a mute dog or Aon, which together with the parrot were the only domesticated animals in that society. In some cases, the Aon was fattened for food purposes, and then sacrificed and obtained the tusk with which this necklace was made. The teeth of the necklace are decorated with incised lines near the crown of the tooth and it can be seen that almost all the beads have the same design.

Like the amulet, its context corresponds to a power structure in which the necklace expresses those social differences in which Taino society was already developing at the arrival of the Spanish in 1492. It must have belonged to an important character in the community , possibly the cacique, since he represents a political hierarchy. It was used to take him to the tomb as part of the trousseau and the offerings of the cacique's mortuary or funeral appearing around large sepulchers. 

Learn more about Taino art by consulting the book Taino Art of Onorio Montás, Pedro José Borrell and Frank Moya Pons in the Media Center of León with the codeRD / 709.011 / M766a.

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