Anthropological Collection

Arcángel complete and in good condition. Wings of metal, the same as the halo. Polychrome paint in light green, yellow orange and brown. The face has an orange paint, brown hair. The arms are insinuated with paint. Pedestal cone shaped.

The saints of palo, creolized images of the catholic saints decorated with vestments sometimes of medieval aspect, are manifestations of an anonymous art of enormous transcendence.

The Leon Center is the repository of a collection of high-value wooden saints.

According to the historian and professor Carlos Dobal, "the characters common to all Dominican saints are:

a) Small dimensions: average height of 30 to 40 cm.

b) manifest disproportion of the different parts of the body.

c) Rudimentary execution: sometimes using simply a knife, a saw or a machete. The termination of the hair, in some cases, was achieved with the edge of the glass of a bottle.

d) Some, the least, are full sizes, made in a single trunk or piece of wood.

e) The most commonly used woods are oak, but there have been carvings in cedar, mahogany, pine and "Juan Primero".

f) The most repeated images are, in order of abundance, La Virgen (de las Mercedes and del Carmen); the Child Jesus, in addition to Christ Crucified, San Ramón, San Roque, San Juan Evangelista, and San Francisco de Asís ".

This size is in the exhibition With the hands and the head: Craftsmanship as a constant creative. In the 3 Scope Hybridization and constant transformation.

The show was inaugurated last March's 20 and will remain open to the public until July's 20.

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