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Cana headgear with navy blue ribbon. Made with thin fibers of approximately 1 cm. woven in criss-crossed lines. On the edge the fabric ends in a seam made with an industrial machine.

This object is widely used in rural and urban areas of the Dominican Republic. Its importance lies in that it is a tradition deeply rooted in time. However, its production continues to be basically centered in the Gurabo area, near the city of Santiago de los Caballeros.

Among the artisans dedicated to keeping this activity alive is Mrs. Juana Espósito, who in addition to hats, weaves a wide range of objects such as purses and handbags. Products highly demanded by holiday makers who come to the spas of the province of Puerto Plata.

This object can be found in the 2 field Reflections of a collective knowledge: Tradition and contemporaneity, of the exhibition With the hands and the head. Craftsmanship as a creative constant. This exhibition will remain open to the public until the 20 of July of 2014.

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