Anthropological Collection

Container of higüero with its lid. It is what is commonly called coconut, used in the fields to store sugar, ground coffee or grain, or simply transport some product that needs extreme care such as eggs.

The higüero is decorated in the external part, the same that the cover, with incised floral reasons. The decorative motif is divided into two blocks by a band of zigzag incisions. The lid is sometimes from a different hygienist. It has a cabuya rope that unites the two bodies.

Currently this object is on display at the exhibition Identity signs, specifically in the 4 domain, Life and nation. Unity in diversity within the sub scope Domestic life.

A higüero with the same characteristics, is also on display at the temporary exhibition With hands and head: Craftsmanship as a creative constant. This sample will remain open to the public until the 20 of July of 2014. It is presented in the Maria Asensio de Temporary Exhibition Hall of León.

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