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Inés Tolentino was born in Santo Domingo. He began his studies at the National School of Fine Arts of Santo Domingo and continued at the Art School of the APEC University, in the same city. Later he traveled to Paris, where he studied at the National School of Fine Arts and the University of the Sorbonne. He currently lives and works in France. Tolentino's work reflects on the social problems of gender, as well as on autobiographical issues, ranging from childhood memories to issues related to historical events that had an impact on his life. Damn love It is a work that alludes to gender violence based on symbolic imagery. Male faces flank a sewn firearm. The feminine presence is approached from the resource of the fragility of the embroidery, the canutillos and the pink flowers that resemble a wallpaper. Damn love refers directly to the growing number of violent deaths of women in the hands of their lovers or husbands who have recently registered in the Republic



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