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Domingo Liz (Santo Domingo, 1931-2013). Sculptor, painter and draftsman. He graduated from 1949 at the National School of Fine Arts and received special guidance from the sculptor Manolo Pascual. From 1950 to 1953 he did postgraduate studies in painting with Jaime Colson. In 1968 he was a founding member of the Proyecta group. He presented his first solo exhibition at 1971, at the then Gallery of Modern Art, now the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo. Liz was one of the indispensable Dominican creators when critically and reflexively evaluating the history of national art. His role as a multidisciplinary artist, provocateur of ruptures and deeply coherent, adds to the importance of his renovating role and his position as a teacher of generations. His research with sculptural materials guided him on the path of search for abstraction, in an attempt to free himself from the marked references of his masters. Thus, it develops a work of great synthesis and economy of means, delving into the possibilities of materials (mainly metal and wood) and devoting special attention to the inquiry into the formally organic.

The artist participated in several opportunities in the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest, obtaining the following prizes: In the first Contest, First Prize in the Drawing Category, with the work: Drawing, 1964 In the second Contest, First Permission in the Sculpture Category, with the work Source and also, Second Prize in the Sculpture Category, with the work: Origin No.2 1966.

The current edition of the National Biennial of Visual Arts is held in tribute to the memory of the artist Domingo Liz. 

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