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This serigraphic work shows a harmonic composition in pastel tones, showing in the center of it, the rear view of a naked male figure carrying out the work of a plastic artist. This two-headed figure surrounded by snakes, is observed standing in front of an easel, holding a pallet in his left hand and a brush on the right. In the left plane, an erect white horse poses for the subject described above, similarly surrounded by red and blue snakes. On the far right, two naked figures with ambiguous body features are seen on their backs and intertwined, with snakes on top. The characters are observed in an undefined space, somewhat ethereal. 

Curious fact: The work described is a piece published in 1997 starting from an original work by Suro made in 1942. This edition was shot on the occasion of the 5th International Drawing Exhibition, presented by the Arawak Art Foundation, Inc. at the Museum of Modern Art in the city of Santo Domingo.

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