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The work is a motorized spiral staircase that turns without leading anywhere. Elaborated in wrought iron to the popular style and painted in a workshop frequented by personalities of the urban musical genre. The artists pose how the idea of ​​progress has distracted Dominican society since its inception, during their research they investigated the use of the term by tyrannies and regimes in Dominican political life. The spiral staircase, in clear allusion to the Fibonacci spiral, generates an endogamic and sterile movement, which jokingly defies a local-global phenomenon; symbolizes the eternal, the infinite and, at the same time, the improvement, the annex, the roof prepared for another floor.


Curious fact: The jury of the 26 Art Contest Eduardo León Jimenes selected this proposal to participate in the Contest for the dismantling of the rhetoric of modernity and the fusion of its self-referential character with the idea of ​​progress. A work that integrates vernacular elements in its invoice and efficiently uses the relationship between title and object, promoting countless symbolic associations.

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