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Digital image, horizontal format to black and white. The photographic image shows the landscape of a sugar mill in the eastern region of the Dominican Republic. The silhouette of the ox, sitting next to one of the collection carts of sugar cane, is observed in the composition. Among the cane fields, the palms stand majestically.

Curious fact: Domingo Batista was one of the main members of the photographic group Thursday 68. From that moment, he began to project his career as a photographer, influencing in an important way the Dominican visual arts. He is considered a master of national photographic art, recognition that he has achieved through the publication of books, national and international awards and his outstanding participation in major photographic events. The recovery of the landscape as a plastic object has been one of its fundamental ways of work. He incorporated the use of Photoshop to his creative tools, being one of the pioneers of digital manipulation in the Dominican Republic.

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