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Achromatic photograph showing a female portrait captured from a lower position. The figure of the woman describes the close-up of the composition; this appears from the bust, with the torso at a three-quarter angle and the head in profile and the gaze towards the right margin. As a wardrobe, it shows a simple plaid printed blouse and a hat with a fabric similar to baskets seen in the lower right corner on which a defined shadow of the young woman is projected that contrasts with the diffuse characters in the later spaces of the print.

Curious fact:
This work is part of the Fondo Natalio Puras (Apeco) donated to the León Center. Natalio Puras (Apeco), renowned lens artist, started as an amateur in the mid-fifties. Her photographic artistic training is developed in a self-taught way through the exercise, the reading of specialized documents and consultations with photographers such as Federico Lithgow, Santiago Bueno, Jim Lowe and Alberto Somavilla. For years he collected works by masters of Dominican photography, these were received as gifts from their authors in return for the interest and admiration he constantly showed.

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