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Drawing medium format and composition arranged horizontally. The work presents a variety of graphic illustrations of a symbolic nature, some made directly and others applied as a collage on the surface, among which stand out calligraphy exercises, dips or boats that follow a path marked by ellipsis, portraits masculine and feminine, armaments and small warlike scenes, bar code, accounts with sticks, stairs, hearts, caricatures, fragments of sentences and phrases, among others.

Curious fact:

Inés Tolentino is an artist who explores the subject of memory, both from events and from the emotional. Define your imagination as follows: "Deep inside me I have a file of images that illustrate my mind and accompany my thinking, day after day, and thus for years, have been creating an endless inventory of the world around me My feelings have picked up these images by all means and everywhere, they have mixed with my life and my conscience. "

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