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Black and white photographic image with predominance of gray tones and square format that shows a rural landscape. The scene highlights mountains with slopes found, populated with alpine vegetation, several large rocks and some distant peasant buildings between them. In the foreground and towards the lower edge, some rocks and tree branches emphasize the depression of the rugged terrain. Immediately afterwards, a mountain appears with large rocks at the top and a plot with two fragile covachas in the middle of the skirt of the elevation of land. Curiously, these buildings call attention to the risk of accident that presupposes being located under rocks that can be easily released. In a third plane, there is another mountain of greater height, with low clouds at the top. A sky with scattered clouds gives visual closure to the work.

Curious fact:

For years, Natalio Puras (APECO) collected works by masters of Dominican photography. These were received as gifts from their authors in return for the interest and admiration he showed towards them.

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