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Photographic image of vertical framing that shows a work scene with a group of Dominican artisans in full slaughter. Three gentlemen are observed outside a building, while working with their hands some objects. Some wide-mouthed baskets are identified, made with vines arranged in the wall on the left side, where a wallet and an ornament with two human figures also hang. The workers are sitting on wooden chairs, while making narrow-mouth baskets using natural fibers.

Curious fact:

In the Caribbean, a large number of products are produced that show clear Taíno influence in their materials, construction techniques and daily use. Such is the case of hammocks, macutos, huacales and nasas, all words of Taíno origin, as well as baskets, jars, squeezers, sieves, mats and jáquimas, among other objects of the small rural Caribbean industry.

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