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Vertical polychrome photograph showing a woman in the middle of work. The portrayed woman appears half-length in the two-thirds position in the foreground of the image, displaced towards the right lateral edge, while she directs her gaze to the front with her face slightly smiling. The management of the light highlights the left half of the piece, which describes the action of the woman who weaves an artisanal object with some natural fibers, this being the focal point and the most illuminated part of the scene.

Curious fact:

An unstudied aspect of the culture of the knapsack in the Dominican context and in Bani corresponds to its symbolic function in public events of a playful nature associated with religious celebrations. The tradition of running saints in a society in which the horse was an indicator of social differentiation spread over almost the entire territory, and specifically to livestock villages such as San Juan de la Maguana, Higüey and Baní, among other towns. However, curious fact, only in this last one evolved the "race" towards an equestrian competition organized in which a pair of riders disputed a prize represented by a knapsack.

Lamb, Walter. (2005) Three expressions of Dominican basket weaving. Academia.edu https://www.academia.edu/1256011/Tres_expresiones_de_la_cestería_dominicana [Retrieved the 3 October of 2017]

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