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Wali Vidal was born in Santiago de los Caballeros. His artistic beginnings go back to the participation in workshops given by artists such as Leo Núñez, Ernesto Rodríguez and José Alejandro Restrepo, among others. He also studied Fine Arts and Illustration in Altos de Chavón La Escuela de Diseño, La Romana; and in the School of San Alejandro, in Havana. Vidal shows a plastic discourse interested in the themes that allude to urban growth, overpopulation, scarcity of urban planning and the nonsense of waste. In The escort, the artist presents a narrative as a cartoon in which he portrays urban growth as chaos and vents frustrations against state officials and their entourages, who frequently occupy public space blocking traffic. This work is a pictorial sample of a list of daily grievances that occur in the urban reality of the Dominican Republic.

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