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Maritza Álvarez is a multidisciplinary artist who deals with painting, drawing and photography. Member of Fotogrupo and Founder of the photographic collective Visiones Ocho, as well as editor of the Camera Obscura section of the magazine Artes in Santo Domingo. Since its inception, the photography of Maritza Álvarez has provoked reflections on issues as complex as death, violence and memory.

The trap is an analogous photograph in which Maritza Álvarez addresses the issue of violence against women, specifically psychological and domestic violence. In a composition of foreshortening the waist and the legs of an apparently feminine personage by their clothes are appraised. They also appear certain elements indicative of some type of anger or chaos. Álvarez uses light as a decoy to highlight the key elements of this piece. It generates an ambiguous scenario, a space where the relationships of people are crossed by aggression, sexuality and memory. It is a fragment of a story that does not end in that image, and invites the public to make the conclusion of the narrative.

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