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Graphic work of vertical framing. The picture highlights the figure of a mulatto woman represented with gray tones, located in the center of the composition. The body is appreciated compactly, the face has well defined features and is highlighted by repeated lines around it. The symmetry of the composition is anchored in the arrangement of the elements and the application of color, in the center there is a yellow strip that degrades in green towards both sides.

The lower register has information made in pencil, these read: P / A (artist's proof) in the left corner, "The encounters" (possible title or name of the series) in the center and Rosa Tavárez 1976 (signature and date) in the right corner.

Curious fact:

The symbol P / A (artist's proof) is used in the engraving, to mark the first impressions from a finished matrix. They tend to be very few and serve mainly to study ink color and type of paper. Once the desired result is achieved, the numbered production of the series is performed.

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