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Polibio Díaz is a native of Barahona. He began his education as a photographer at Texas A&M University, in the United States, while preparing to receive his degree in Civil Engineering. He alternated that career with photography until in 2003 he decided to abandon it to dedicate himself exclusively to this discipline and performance. Díaz is an artist interested in Dominican Afro-descent. He makes blackness and mulattous the bases of his work, with the interest of confronting the tensions of his own Afro-descendant legacy and rejecting the denial of this biological, psychological and social inheritance that is frequent in the country. Sand nude, Series Naked surprised, is the image of a man with dark skin


submerged in the silence of an intimate action within a contaminated public environment. It is a sculptural photography that takes advantage of the visual appeal of human ecological reality and poses a metaphor for racial perception.

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