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With this photographic series, the artist highlights the attachment that the human being experiences after connecting to an object, igniting a passion or feeding an addiction. These pieces show the consequences, the moment of ugliness, just when the person is about to fail internally. "These photographs seek to be a wake-up call, reflecting that choosing wisely what we depend on can help avoid failures over time," says Cruz, noting that many invest tons of time (and sometimes money) in earthly matters that, After all, they are not worth it.

ACTE Memorial Museum Award of the 26 Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest
To learn more about this piece and its author, visit: https://centroleon.org.do/cl/caelj26-nc

Curious fact:
These photographs are created under the concept of narrative picture (from the English Narrative Tableau). They are mounted scenes and later photographed in order to tell stories in a simple and direct way. In the beginnings of photography these c were usednarrative pictures to reproduce scenes present in famous paintings.

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