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The artist questions the dynamics of power manifested in everyday life and seeks to generate a dialogue on the socio-economic contrasts of the Dominican Republic. It uses a Louis Vuitton portfolio (a code of prosperity and power) as a starting point to illustrate the disparity in access to resources and opportunities in the Dominican context; and deconstructs it to analyze it from an objective position, away from the added values ​​inherent in the brand.

At the same time, it makes available to a person the same amount of money that was used for the acquisition of the portfolio, with the purpose of using it in what could generate some change in their life. Of course, the reality of this person is very different from the one who could access those luxury items in the Dominican Republic.

Through a book the artist documents what was generated in that process. And in the room, two videos show these realities: one details the process of deconstruction of the portfolio and another shows what has been achieved with the investment of the same amount of money.

Equal Prize of the 26 Art Contest Eduardo León Jimenes
To learn more about this piece and its author, visit: https://centroleon.org.do/CL/caelj26-cdl

Curious fact:

This is the second time that the artist Carlos De León receives an award at the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest. He was awarded in the XXIV edition for his work I love you, 2012. https://centroleon.org.do/CL/arte-visual/2130-te-amo

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