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This piece is the result of the action of some cows that, when licking six sculptural blocks of salt placed in the corral, create new forms. The author justifies his work arguing with these words: "From the cave of Chauvet, the Taino petroglyphs in all the indigenous sites of the Caribbean are the most reliable example of the ancestral relationship of man with animals, on the walls of these shelters appear impressive drawings of game animals, in the wild or simply pets. Flirting with the game between the seen and the random possibilities of the sizes by the intervention of the cows with their language ".

An audio loop reproduces the sound of the lick and a web page presents the whole process of creating the diamonds.

Prize of 26 Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest
Produced under the auspices of AVEC.com.do

To learn more about this piece and its author, visit: centroleon.org.do/cl/caelj26-rer

Curious fact:

The term salary comes from the compensation in salt that soldiers received during their work during the Roman Empire. Salt was considered very valuable because it is an excellent way to preserve precede foods.


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