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Elvis Avilés was born in Santo Domingo, the city where he lives and works. He started painting at the National School of Fine Arts. In the development of contemporary pictorial abstraction in the Dominican Republic, Avilés occupies an important place. From this language, his work has referred to the city, its walls and the traces that time leaves on surfaces. The material, the dust, the gesture of the stroke and the use of extra-artistic materials are integrated into his work to give a differentiated visuality. The concern for the development of new forms of expressivity has been raised as a constant

in his production and he has achieved it from series in which he explores figurative realities from the language of abstraction.

The wall, work that is part of a series of the same name, is an abstract-figurative piece consisting of two panels assembled, which highlights elements such as spellings, spots and symbols. In the work, the decomposition of colors alludes to the representation of an ancient wall. In the left panel dark codes are shown: arrows, letters X and points, and a square with a cross composed of intersecting arrows. In the right panel appear several circular symbols and naive drawings. The work pays homage to the wall as a symbol of resistance against the perishable and retainer of memories.

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