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Darío Suro was born in La Vega. He studied under the direction of his uncle, the Dominican painter Enrique García Godoy, following as a style the modernist tradition that existed in the country before the founding of the National School of Fine Arts. His constant traveling around the world, which took him to Mexico, Europe and the United States, gave him other plastic resources, which added to his well-known academic expertise. Along with his contemporaries Yoryi Morel and Jaime Colson, Suro is considered one of the founders of modern Dominican painting. During his career he was motivated by the existential condition of the object, not necessarily in the creation of a style. His work is transformed from academicism to the social realism that


He imbued Mexican muralism, with an evocative gestural aesthetic of expressionist and pop currents in which he deals with using the material in his favor and reconstructing landscapes and characters. In the case of Yellow - 2 Lord T, piece in which yellow and red dominate chromatically, Suro offers the fragmented and glued image of a character whose features are defined from accented lines. In this period of his career, the artist was greatly influenced by lectures on psychology and new anthropological theories, resources that led him to the construction-destruction of his characters.

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