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Through the work of certain artists, the graphic takes boom and acquires recognition from the sixties in the Dominican Republic. This manifestation, which was linked by its easy reproducibility and formal force to the national social movements of that decade, acquires in the hands of artists such as Frank Almánzar, Silvano Lora, Ramón Oviedo, Rosa Tavárez, Asdrúbal Domínguez and Carlos Sangiovanni a new presence in the field of the Dominican arts. It is here that much of the cultural production of the moment is going to be linked to social agendas associated with the living conditions of the Dominican. The play Black reality between two orange chairs, of Carlos Sangiovanni, offers visual data on the social problems of the majority of Dominicans in the seventies. A woman in a squatting position in front of an anafe is opposed, cut out, a political graffiti, an issue that shows the great contrast between the election promises and the harsh reality. The technique of screen printing gives the piece an essential formal quality, which refers us once again to the contrast, in this case chromatic, between areas of bright and flat color, which makes the image more compelling.

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