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Sculpture of complete bulk that raises an allegorical representation to the emergence of the Antillean archipelago. The work consists of a single piece of cast bronze and is made up of a succession of elements with organic shapes that emerge from a rectangular base. The highest part touches the base at two points, in the vicinity of two corners with conical prominences. The elements of greater visual weight are observed elevated on the support. The exterior of the sculpture has a polished appearance, in the joints and narrow places the dark and opaque tones of a patina predominate. The pointed ends and bulging parts highlight the nuances of the metal.

This received the 1er Sculpture Prize of the XIV Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest in the year 1992

About the artist:

Said Musa was born in Santo Domingo in 1956. He studied plastic arts in the National School of Fine Arts and in the artistic workshop of the master Jaime Colson. He is a multidisciplinary artist, in his professional practice he deals with painting, ceramics and sculpture. He was the artistic director of the National Crafts Center (1983-1986), when he set out renovating designs and started a project to revalue this technique. His works are in commercial and religious buildings; as also, in public spaces and tourist projects. He obtained the First Sculpture Prize in the XVIII and XIX editions of the National Visual Arts Biennial of the Museum of Modern Art and the XIV Eduardo León Jimenes Contest.

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