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The work presents a landscape of Nibaje with vertical approach of an urban point located in this sector of Santiago de los Caballeros, where the San Luis Fortress is located, a historic building located in the 17th century that has great significance for the national history. The painting, in which different shades of yellows, blues and reds predominate, shows an elevated street in whose left margin appear houses and silhouettes of other buildings; and on the right poles of electric lighting and some elements of military construction. This work is included in one of the stylistic lines of Jacinto Domínguez, that marked by the geometrization, the fragmentation of the forms and the chromatic richness.

Curious fact:

"Chichigua" is a term used in the Dominican Republic to call the kite (toy). It is a flying artifact made with hollow sticks, paper, string and glue. It is a traditional game that receives several names in Latin America: kite, kite, kite, parrot, flask, pizcucha, zamura, flying, among others.

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