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Pictorial work of vertical framing. The image consists of several geometric shapes that suggest a hectic scene between two anthropomorphic figures, seen from an elevated position. The characters show predominance of blue colors throughout the corporeal surface and contours defined by precise strokes of dark tone. The most prominent components of the bodies are the respective heads, upper extremities and hands. The latter are the elements that bring greater drama to the composition, two show positions related to large nails and the other pair allows to see an aggressive gesture next to the neck of the opponent. The rest of the painting consists of perceptible planes in ocher and orange tones.

Curious fact:

Orlando Menicucci was part of the Friordano group which raised important breaks with the tradition regarding techniques and pictorial styles. As a group, he wanted to contribute to broadening the public's access to art, which initially led to the Madre y Maestra Catholic University, from where they endeavored to project it to the community. Friordano is a direct consequence of the development of the arts of Santiago and its so-called School. Just as its members are indebted to the interest in the identity traits that the School of Santiago endorsed, these agendas also raise ruptures of a conceptual and ideological nature.

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