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In the painting we can observe two women inside a country house. One of them holds a container of fruit in his hands. On the walls, on one side we see an image of the Virgin of Altagracia and on the other a portrait of a couple. In the space of the open door we see a plant with flowers, a cat and a rural landscape.

About the work and the author:

"[The work is] Dominican and rural par excellence, poem to traditional values ​​and family, ode to virginal purity, could evoke a Creole context of the Annunciation ...

Dario Suro wrote: In the case of Peña Defilló, the realist, the direct speaks for itself, and the thematically considered Dominican is visible. In short, Peña Defilló moves from the universal to the Dominican ... "

Creation: The eternal return, 50 years of a fascinating painting. By Marianne de Tolentino, November 21 2009, Hoy newspaper.

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