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Work of remembrance tone expressed in the feminine dress and the dazzling color of the scene. On the left there are some typical musicians in movement along with the group of dancers whose main axis is an idyllic couple whose proportions seem to touch the roof of the arbor. This swing of the dancers allows you to appreciate a landscape with mountains, roads, houses, palm trees and shrubs. The work offers the proportional deformations that characterize the artist's style as well as the anecdotal and documentary interpretation.

Additional note:
Federico Izquierdo (Monción, 1904 - Santiago de los caballeros, 2004)
He made his artistic studies in Santiago de los Caballeros, training as a teacher, draftsman and painter. In the last two specialties he received guidance from Juan Bautista Gómez. He is considered one of the main exponents of the School of Santiago. He was a teacher of drawing and painting at the Academy of Santiago since its founding. He participated in various national and international exhibitions. It deserved a prize in the Biennial of Paris celebrated of 1920. Most of his works are preserved in the national gallery and in private collections. Besides distinguished educator and noted painter, Izquierdo distinguished himself for his community work in the city of Santiago. He participated in many cultural promotion programs such as the different carnival organizing commissions and in planning the decoration of the city of Santiago. He was decorated by the Dominican State with the Order of Duarte, Sánchez and Mella.

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