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Portrait of an old man with hat and hookah and on a table a beer President and a glass.

About the Author

From a very early age he dedicated himself and specialized in classic works and costumbristas. I make pictorial exhibitions, both in the Dominican Republic and abroad. Miguel de Moya was self-taught and began painting with pastel works, later devoting himself to oil. The issues that I deal with Moya are of a deep social content, turning out to be a manners that picked up different facets of the lives of the most humble and modest populations. Equal, stands out in his work the interest for characters of the third age. Among the most important works carried out by him, it is known to make an oil painting of "Our Lady of Altagracia", which was requested by the Altagraciana Society of Santo Domingo, which was then transported in mosaic tiles in Milan, Italy and now It is located in the Cathedral of Nazareth, forming part of the Virgin Mary donated by different countries of America and Europe.

The work that is shown this week, can be seen in the exhibition Green, I want you cold, currently open to the public at the León Center until January 3, 2016.

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