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Winning work of the 4to. Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest Prize in the Painting category.

Painting of rectangular format and theme inspired by the seed of Bull's-eye, which is heated by rubbing it in stone. The author recreates its circular shape, brown, accentuating it with a yellow outline, in a simple composition with an abstract result. Complement of this form is the blue background interfered by the logotype signature.

About the artist:
Born in Santiago de los Caballeros (1944), she studied at the School of Fine Arts of Santiago. Plastic artist; cultural animator; teacher of composition and children's creativity. She has been the manager and founder of various cultural entities, such as Galería Arte Full Image and Casa de Arte Inc ... She participated in the exhibition Expo-Nueva Imagen: twelve avant-garde artists, with the 10mo motif. Anniversary UCMM (1972). He has participated in numerous personal exhibitions and in biennials, competitions and other collective from 1968 to the present. Among his recognitions and awards, include: Leon Jimenes Competition (1968 and 1969), National Biennial of Plastic Arts (UNPHU Award, 1974), Medals of Cultural Merit, Athenaeum Lovers of Light, Municipal City of Santiago and Ministry of Women. His works are part of the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic and Eduardo Leon Jimenes Cultural Center.

Curious note:
The Ojo de buey is a seed of a plant native to the Antilles, typical of forest and mountain mangueas, which grows in places of medium or low elevation, mainly in humid regions. It also exists in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, the other Lesser Antilles and Continental Tropical America.

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