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"Tireless walker of the camera, his photographic commitment included the human condition, nature, countryside, the city, interiors, exteriors, old age, youth, beauty, ugliness, the unusual, the dramatic. He also immersed himself in the memories, in the past, in the history, that he resurrected incredibly, then with perceptions and meditated compositions, allying the stage, the show and the concept. "

Marianne de Tolentino, excerpt from the article Wifredo García: Always present

In this photograph, Wifredo García shows us a couple returning from the Mass of Ramos. Holy Week, as a religious celebration, is widely celebrated in the Dominican Republic, and in this photograph Wifredo highlights, through its chromatic manipulation, the palm branch that symbolizes and serves as a reminder of the liturgical event. It is a photo that shows the ways of life of the Dominicans in that historical moment. Everything about her talks about the 70 years, especially the motorcycle and the way of dressing the characters portrayed.  He took special interest in capturing images of what he considered features of Dominicans as well as prints of popular culture. His work has the peculiarity of telling small stories, creating as a whole an alternative rapporteur of our human and social history.

Wifredo García was the founder of the photographic group Thursday 68 in Santiago de los Caballeros, and one of the key elements in its development and projection. Subsequently, fundó Fotogroup in Santo Domingo and directed the Photographic House of Wifredo García, institution for the diffusion and teaching of artistic photography. His prolific production has had a strong influence on the roads through which contemporary Dominican photography transits. 

Learn more about his work through publication From tierra morena vengo: images of the Dominican man and his culture that you can find in the Centro León Media Library, with the code RD / 779.097293 / T564mor you can check our Wifredo Garcia Background in our database Collection of Cultural Assets through our website.

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