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"Guillo Pérez, stormy as his painting,

artist of good law

that wets the brushes in the rivers

and the skies of its informal contour "

Rafael Squirru, Argentine poet and art critic

Guillo Pérez is a Dominican artist from the province of Moca who established himself as one of the initiators of abstraction in the country. Using the language of abstraction, Guillo recomposes the spaces of his surroundings, paying special attention to the landscape. Hence, rivers, rural and urban landscapes occupied a large part of its production.

This is denoted in the piece Images of the Yaque River, abstract representation .river course located in the northern region of the Dominican Republic. He composes the work from fragments of color, to delimit the river of heaven and earth. The artist uses yellow tones to emulate the sky, a treatment that can be seen in several of his later works when the Cibao landscape is the main object of his pictorial work. This piece won an award in the IV Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest in 1968, being his fourth award in the art call.

Learn more about Guillo Pérez's paintings dedicated to Cibao by consulting the catalog Canto al Valle del Cibao in the Centro León Media Library with the code RD / 759.97293 / P438c.

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