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"Juanita Morel,

hear your merengue, (bis)

among women

you are my derriengue. (Bis)

Tolalá, tolalá, (bis)

among women

you are my meltdown. "

Juanita Morel and Bilo Henríquez, excerpt from the song Juanita Morel in the anthology Shredding the typical merengue.

Fiesta campesina is a festive scene painting in a rural context, which refers to Dominican national music: the merengue. Throughout his career, Yoryi Morel dedicated an important segment of his production to the representation of this rhythmic and dance code, developing works that highlight musicians, instruments, dance partners and other elements associated with music. In the first plane of the composition there is a trio of typical merengue musicians who carry the three instruments characteristic of the rhythm -tambora, accordion and güira- and assume different interpretative positions. In other areas of the painting, the author alludes to customs and ways of life linked to the celebration of merengue: socialization and affective ties, dancing and roasting a pig in a domestic environment.

Yoryi Morel, the "National Painter" as declared by the Congress of the Dominican Republic in 2006, was a fundamentally self-taught artist. The mainly cibaeño habitat, the local customs and traditions, the tasks and the characters of its environment are the main themes of his body of work, which takes place over approximately sixty years. His prolific work stands out for its deeply personal character and for its orientation to the representation of national identity.

Learn more about the relationship between merengue and the Dominican visual arts by consulting the book That they do not remove me I paint it: the visual codes of merengue in the Media Center of the Leon Center with the code Monography / 759.97293 / Q3n .


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