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Oh! if it weren't for the light

how dark everything would be;

there would be no color, no glow,

neither forms, nor anything.

Everything was nothing ...


Oh! if it weren't for the light

there would be neither up nor down,

neither here, nor there, nor horizon;

just fear, emptiness, pain

and your absence without a name.


Oh! If it weren't for Your light, Lord,

I did not know this love;

This passion for light!


-Domingo Batista, excerpt from the book Passion for Light


This image by photographer Domingo Batista shows the landscape of the mountains of the province of Monseñor Nouel (Bonao). In the composition it is observed how the sun's rays emerge from the clouds and bathe the mountains, which show a degradation of blue tones.

Domingo Batista was one of the main members of the photographic group Jueves 68. From that moment on, he began to project his career as a photographer, significantly influencing the Dominican visual arts. He is considered a master of national photographic art, recognition that he has achieved for the publication of books, national and international awards and his outstanding participation in major photographic events. The most representative themes of his work include spaces, people and elements. The recovery of the landscape as a plastic object has been one of his fundamental ways of working. Throughout her award-winning career she has used an effective combination of various photographic techniques. He incorporated the use of Photoshop into his creative tools, being one of the pioneers of digital manipulation in the Dominican Republic.

Learn more about the work of this artist by consulting online the Fotogr BackgroundáDomingo Batista  or your book Passion for Light available at the Centro Léon Media Library with the cóI say RD / 779.3 / B333p.

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