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In this image, Wifredo García recreates a work scene developed inside a rudimentary bakery. In the photograph, there are several trays with bun loaves placed on the ground. They are taken care of by a worker of strong constitution that dresses with pants, apron and hat of vegetal fibers.

Wifredo García was the founder of the photographic group Jueves 68 in Santiago de los Caballeros, and one of the key elements in its development and projection. This collective focused its work on the recognition of a Dominican landscape and space that had been invisible to the national photographic practice, proposing a new direction for Dominican photography, which ceased to be an important technical means of reproduction, to become a tool for conceptual character in the hands of the artist. Subsequently, fundó Photogroup in Santo Domingo and directed the Photographic House of Wifredo García, an institution for the dissemination and teaching of artistic photography. His prolific production has had a forceful influence on the paths through which contemporary Dominican photography travels.

Learn more about his work through publication Wifredo García: Peculiar obsessions that you can find in the Centro León Media Library, with the code RD / 770.92074 / C397w or you can check our Wilfredo Garcia Fund in our database Collection of Cultural Assets through our website.


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