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"Young people from a choral poetry group declare last night, at the Palacio de los Deportes, the work of Pedro Mir, There is One Country in the World, to which the vocal music group Expresión Joven, played music. The show presented is part of the meeting of the new song Seven Days with the People. ''

This excerpt from the newspaper El Sol, shows us the Dominican group Expresión Joven during its presentation at the festival Seven Days with the People that was developed from 25 from November to 1ero from December 1974 in different parts of the country.   

Seven Days with the People was a unique event in the history of our country that emerged within an artistic and social movement against the high levels of repression that were experienced during the three consecutive governments of Joaquín Balaguer Ricardo (1966-1978) and against the emergence of dictatorial regimes during the 70s in South America that caused an important answer. It was the first and last time that an event of such international magnitude celebrated the new Latin American song, also known as total song or protest song. This musical political event that takes place in 3 different scenarios through the Dominican Republic and convened by the General Confederation of Workers, was the only way to protest against the injustices of the Balaguer regime without reprisals.

Learn more about the new song through the book Concepts about folk art by Ramón Leonardo. You can find it at the Centro León Media Library with the code RD / 781.64 / L581c.






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