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Jesus Natalio Puras Penzo (Santiago de los Caballeros 1933-2010), better known as APECOHe was a village photographer and a multidisciplinary creator. It penetrated practically all the areas of this discipline. devoting himself to commercial and documentary photography. He was also a press correspondent, photojournalist, collector, teacher, actor, playwright and writer.

This piece, considered a self-portrait, appears as a genre in Dominican artistic photography during the 1960s from the hand of APECO. Using his actor conditions, he built stories capable of extending a reflection towards his social environment and experiment with the possibilities of narrative discourse drawn from photography.

Their self-portraits can be grouped into two types: Those dedicated to the photographer's trade and those in which APECO interprets a character.

In this self-portrait of the artist, it is observed that he wears a pair of glasses and a wool hat, holding a camera in his hands while staring at the lens of the camera that has captured the image. 

In this piece, which of the two APECO can you see: the photographer or some character from his imaginary?


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