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Marcial E. Schotborgh, member of the first generation of graduates of the National School of Fine Arts, studied in that educational center between 1945 and 1949, where he learned from professors Ernesto Lothar, José Gausachs and José Vela Zanetti.

In 1951 he studies with Jaime Colson. He was an exhibitor in groups and biennials, awarded for his work Siesta in the IV National Biennial in 1948, also deserving a watercolor distinction in the Typical Scenes Competition, celebrated in the country in the decade of the fifties.

Since 1966 is developed as draftsman of illustrations in the Publishing Office of the Autonomous University of Santo Domigo, obtaining in 1967 the third drawing prize in the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest. By order of the Circle of Collectors of the Dominican Development Foundation he made drawing editions of the colonial monuments of Santo Domingo in the decade of the seventies.

In December, 1975 recorded a individual exhibition at the National Library. In this exhibition he observed the art critic Marianne de Tolentino: "The artist exceeds the breadth of the pictorial field, in a diversification of motives and themes, perhaps due to excessive professional awareness. He successively deals with faces of children, bouquets of flowers, landscapes, animals, scenes of groups, people given to humble and daily tasks, imaginary evocations (...), generally interpreted realistically and within the Creole context ".

Following the aforementioned exhibition, Marcial E. Schotborgh confesses: "Modern art attracts me, but I do not express myself totally in that way because in our country the people do not understand abstract art, and therefore I respect the knowledge of a majority that it only captures the realistic, what it can understand ... ".

This biographical review was made by Danilo De Los Santos, modified and extracted from the 78 page of the book Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest 25 Years of History.

Learn more about the work of the cartoonist Marcial E. Schotborgh through the publication Eduardo León Jimenes Collection of Visual Arts: Structure, content, projection, significance, which you can find in the Centro León Media Library, with the code: RD / 708.97293 / C397c.

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