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Aquiles Azar García was born in Santo Domingo in 1932. In 1945 he starts his studies at the George Haussdorf academy and the following year he goes to the National School of Fine Arts, where he graduated from 1950. Graduate of Dentistry at the University of Santo Domingo, He never disassociated himself from artistic work. 

With the sponsorship of the Dominican Society of Dentistry, he holds his first personal exhibition. Between 1950 and 1964 it celebrates two singles, participates in collective exhibitions and attends the workshops of José Ramón Rotellini and Vicente Pimentel, who contribute to strengthen their training. In 1963 he receives an honorable mention in the expo-contest of the French Alliance, and in 1968, 1969 and 1971 consecutively wins three prizes in the Drawing category of the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest corresponding to those years.

In 1972 he was awarded a special prize in the XII National Biennial and in 1974 he won a second prize in the XIII edition of the same contest. The jury of the VI Biennial of Latin American Engraving celebrated in San Juan, Puerto Rico, gives it a special mention for its work Pigeon. By sharing the dental practice and university professor with the artistic one, he registered up to 1989 a total of 57 individual exposures made, being the most recent, for that time, the one presented at the Guayasamín Foundation in Quito, Ecuador. 

Aquiles Azar was one of the few national artists dedicated exclusively to drawing, manifestation for which it is and will always be recognized. His drawing work began to be done identifiable by the pure line and for its characteristic jars and bottles treated with a balanced order, as in the case of this work Simplicity No. 1. Then he moved towards an expressionist work, that focused faces and grotesque figures, convulsed, and in which the stroke acquires a calligraphic force, agile, superimposed, intertwined and profuse. 

Carlos Dobal focuses on "ugliness" as the dominant technique in his drawings, while Marianne de Tolentino spoke of "the bestiary", when addressing his subjects because in most of his works they are reflected insects, birds and the most diverse animals.

The artist Aquiles Azar García passed away last Tuesday 27 of January of 2015.

This text was written by Danilo de los Santos, which has been extracted and modified from the book Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest: 25 years of history.

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