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Artist of photography and performance born in Santo Domingo in 1979. He has received several recognitions, such as: the Wifredo García International Photography Competition Award, 2006 Theater House; the Prize at the 26 National Biennial of Visual Arts, Museum of Modern Art of Santo Domingo in 2011; and the Honorable Mention in the 2011 Young Image and Video Award, from the Image Center, in Santo Domingo. Resides and works in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

El award issued by the selection jury . XXIV Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest expresses with respect to the work of F. Rodríguez: "For the legitimacy of his research on dominicanity and his study of the Dominican-Haitian cultures."

The award issued by the Award jury of the same Contest, expresses: "For his commitment to an investigation on the Dominican-Haitian relations and the social and human conflicts that are generated from this".

The artist declares about his work: "What Haitians are also the Haitians, or that Haiti and not Quisqueya was what the island was called It's a secret that no lycee told me. Our history is of blacks and mulattoes, of citizens who paint themselves in white and with this act deny their truth ". How many pages of our history has the silence written to erase the truth written? 

Could it be that our people does not have an identity in its collection Why does it allow them to erase their history without making glory in their humble truth? Because he prefers to sing to Quisqueya a thousand times, as if a thousand times were enough to make it true, should we understand that if the truth is erased a thousand times, it ceases to be true? "

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