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Painter and illustrator. He has studied Advertising at UNAPEC (1889-2001), Fine Arts and Illustration at Alltos de Chavón School of Design (2001-2003) at the Dominican Republic, on Drawing at Art Student League (2007) and at Reportage and Illustration at Darvel Academy (2008) in New York, United States.

In 2009 : he made his first individual exhibition, Psyche, in the FUNGLODE Gallery, Santo Domingo. She is a founding member of Ramona Colectivo, a group with which she teaches art workshops, makes murals and designs, among other activities. Resides and works in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

In the XXIV Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest won the Patricia Phelps Collection Award from Cisneros with the Retirement Plan I and Retirement Plan II works in 2012.

El Award issued by the selection jury of the XXIV Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest expresses respect to the work of Y. Bordas: "For the originality in the treatment of sustainability and the environment, framed within a rich pictorial narrative universe".  

The Award issued by the Award jury of the same Contest, express: "By his way of constructing other narratives superimposing realities of different contexts; questioning the economic, socio-political and environmental system where the characters seem rescued from a post-apocalyptic world. "

The artist states about his work: "Being aware that ideas can be changed gives me more impulse to my desire to create alternative worlds. This leads me to build images for demonstrate that 'situations' are simple paradigms with which it is possible to break. I question the capitalist idea of ​​retiring after a long career in search of accumulating fortune. In essence, I relate it to the withdrawal that the Earth exhausted by the exploitation of man would desire, to begin its regeneration. In my paintings, humans are forced to reinterpret their environment to survive in a new post-technological world. "

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