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Gilberto Hernández Ortega, was born in Baní in 1924 and died in Santo Domingo in 1978. He was a member of the group "The four of them"With Jaime Colson, José Gausachs and Clara Ledesma.

The work Being astral is an abstract painting on paper where the artist uses a background of sepia and ocher tones with a vigorous stroke; in the central part there is a large yellowish spot with blasting of color that appears as a flash of luminosity in the dark background.

In this the artist, recognized by the representations where the human being predominates and the tropical environment and unlike these, attends, exclusively, to elements of form, color, structure and proportion. This work is unique in the pictorial production of Hernández Ortega, since although from 1957 his creation investigated issues that he understood as indefinable, it was not totally defined as abstract, rather as formalist and expressionist, currents in which this work is also subscribed.

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