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Photographic approach of the seat of a chair, elaborated with dry and twisted leaves of cana bud, (Sabal causiarum). The focus reproduces diagonal rows at continuous and discontinuous angles. This photograph by Marcel Morel, inserted within the Eduardo León Jimenes Collection of Visual Arts, is ideal to refer to the subject of fabrics that, with natural fibers, are already traditional in various regions of the country, but above all, the legendary mountain chairs and rocking chairs produced in San José de las Matas and Inoa.

Precisely this topic dealt with by M. Morel, is directly related to one of our most common and traditional artisanal practices. In this case represented as a very important element in the 2 Scope of the exhibition With hands and head: Craftsmanship as a creative constant, which is currently on display at the María Asensio de León Temporary Exhibition Hall of the León Center and which will remain open to the public until the 20 day of the month of July of 2014.

In the aforementioned space examples of the importance of the conjunction that occurs between these two crafts are shown; the one of weaving the seats, and the one of the carpentry and joinery of the manufacture of chairs, rockers and other furniture of the traditional and contemporary domestic ajuarico, in which both techniques go hand in hand.

These fabrics are generally produced by weaving craftsmen, who mix their skill in the neatness of the geometric patterns, which are already traditional for these purposes and give strength and durability to these seats.

It is also worth highlighting the interrelation existing in the collections of the León Center, generated and collected around their thematic axes, where the work of the artist, in this case, in that with his camera, he captures and records, the particularities of our ethnographic environment.


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