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Guillo Pérez studied painting at the School of Fine Arts of Santiago de los Caballeros in 1950. He studied painting at the Yoryi Morel Academy, where he worked on the natural landscape. In his pictorial career he initially used the languages ​​of abstraction, and later and to date, he assumed figuration as an expressive way.

In this work, Homenaje al Greco, Guillo Pérez recognizes the legacy of the Greek-Spanish artist from abstraction. This large format piece has been executed with several color ranges, predominantly red and black. Its composition is geometric planes with straight shapes and informal lines.
Perez, with a fruitful pictorial career and important contributions in the plane of abstraction in the Caribbean, raises in this canvas a metaphorical approach to the body of work of El Greco. This is evidenced in his chromatism - linked to the period after the Venetian school of the author and in the mannerism evident in the layout of the compositional planes.

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