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Within the panorama of Dominican contemporary arts, the work of Genaro Reyes is inscribed by his concerns about the social reality of the country, marginality, migration and poverty. G. Reyes "Cayuco", has a great capacity for integrating sources that add to his artistic production. Anthropology, sociology, history, ethnography, materialized through sculptural constructions, presented from a very particular sense of humor. A work not only interesting, intelligent and fun, but full of reflections and social approaches.

Undocumented is a sculptural work that combines waste elements of an extra-artistic nature (meat grinder, a crankshaft, mechanical parts) for the construction of a "yola". (Small-scale artisan boats or vessels). Preserving the oxidation of metallic waste in this work, Reyes reflects on the problem of irregular trips and travelers, as well as on other causes of migration in our society.

This work is part of the retrospective exhibition of the artist Genaro Reyes, Flotaaltagracia from Miches to Baní, inaugurated at the Perelló Cultural Center last Thursday 23 in January. The sculpture was awarded at the XVIII Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest of the year 2000.

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