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Large format monochromatic painting, the work is marked by typographical graphics in brown tones on a predominantly whitish surface. The typographical elements correspond to the letters of the alphabet and have been printed on the entire surface of the work, including the sides of the canvas. In this piece, Fernando Varela refers to the written word as a reflexive and provocative element. Order and chaos coexist rationally as part of a rigorous criterion of organization in their creative spaces.

One of the constants of Fernando Varela's work consists of the evident use of the contrast between the positive and the negative, between the light and the dark that is felt even in non-figurative compositions.

This work by Fernando Varela was awarded at the XXI Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest of the year 2006.
Soon he will exhibit in the Garden Space 7, in La Marina, Casa de Campo, La Romana, 8 in February: Recent Works (Drawings and paintings).

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