Healing Caribbean conceived by the Cultural Center of Spain and Leon Center, is a project to strengthen creative processes that directly affects three important segments of the public of both institutions: artists, managers and enthusiastic audiences.

It consists of a nine-month program that will generate exchanges with curators and intellectuals from Ibero-America. These meetings are conceived with the purpose of contributing to the reflection and critique of contemporary art in the Dominican Republic.

Nine curators and intellectuals from Latin America will visit the country from November of 2016 until July of 2017, carrying out the following activities in the Cultural Center of Spain (Santo Domingo) and the León Center (Santiago de los Caballeros):
• Visiting artists and / or curatorial projects.
• Training workshop for curators.
• Talks open to the public.

The portfolios of the portfolios are aimed at promoting the professionalization of national artists and curators, through the editing and development of their respective artistic proposals, which will be viewed and discussed with the curators of Iberoamerica invited.

The program of viewing portfolios of artists and / or curatorial projects will offer monthly work sessions of one hour, which will take place either at the Cultural Center of Spain (Santo Domingo) or the Eduardo León Jimenes Cultural Center (Santiago). Appointments can be made between the 1 and 10 of the previous month.

The training program of curators offers 10 places to cultural managers, specialists and museum officials, professors linked to art and culture, students of art and architecture, artists, art historians, researchers and critics of the visual arts, anthropologists and specialists of culture in general.

This program will introduce the participants in the curatorship as a professional activity, from a theoretical-practical approach to its multiple cultural and creative dimensions from the visual arts, through museology, to communication and critical writing. During the sessions, the processes involved in the curatorial exercise can be analyzed from a historical perspective and through current approaches on this topic.

As part of the program, the study group will visit exhibitions, engage in exchanges with international specialists and perform exercises in which they will put their learning into practice.

Duration of the program
The program starts in November of 2016 and ends in July of 2017. Monthly face-to-face meetings will be held. Complementary sessions will be carried out through the virtual classroom.

Those interested should complete the form with their personal data, a review of a maximum of 200 words about their studies and / or professional career and a letter of motivation of a maximum of 600 words, before the 15 of October of 2016. The names of the selected participants will be announced during the first week of November of 2016.

After the course, the León Center and the Cultural Center of Spain will grant participants a certificate of participation in the training program for curators. To obtain this diploma will be essential requirements: attendance at 80% of the sessions of the program, the timely delivery of all documents, readings and projects required during the realization of the sessions of the program, as well as a final curatorial proposal.

International guests will discuss the contemporary art scene of their country of origin and hold a dialogue with the participants on the similarities and differences of our contemporary art landscapes. The talks will be held at the Cultural Center of Spain (Santo Domingo) or the León Center (Santiago). Meetings open to all audiences. The content of the talks will be updated on a monthly basis.

For more information, interested parties can call the 809 582 2315 ext.1006 (Centro León) or the 809 686 8212 ext.28 (Cultural Center of Spain), or contact via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. o This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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