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Caribbean Tertulia / Ser Oscar de la Renta / Between ylang-ylang and other essences.

Environmentalists and specialists in the creation of aromatic essences will discuss the world of plants, flowers, smells and the artisanal and industrial products that can be derived from them. Under the auspices of Fundación Propagas ....


Video Café / Cycle of Dominican Artists / Víctor Víctor & La Vellonera.

Projection of the concert recorded in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo by the Dominican singer-songwriter and his group. With the special participation of Pavel Núñez and Covi Quintana, among other guest artists. With the sponsorship of Edenorte Dominicana and the support of Cervez ...


Carnavalito / Carnavalito 2020 Educational Workshop

Dress and make up Carnival. Educating artists will share techniques of easy elaboration for the realization of carnival costumes and makeup from diverse elements ....


Contest of Traditional Characters / Carnavalito 2020

Stage presentation of the participants in the Children's and Youth Contest of costumes of traditional characters of the Dominican carnival. For information about the Contest, go to www.centroleon.org.do ....


Presentation Carnival Groups / Carnavalito 2020

Recreational and cultural activity for the whole family. Children, youth and adults will attend the institution in disguise and enjoy the presentation of groups and groups from Santiago and other locations ....


Video Café / Cycle of Dominican Artists / Juan Luis Guerra: A Son de Guerra.

Projection of the concert recorded live in 2012, where the Dominican singer-songwriter interprets recognized songs of his own. With the sponsorship of Edenorte Dominicana and the support of Cerveza Presidente ....


Commented Visit / See You, See You

Tour with the artist Lidia León for the exhibition. In coordination with the LiLeón Foundation ....


Gathering and Books /

Aromatic herbs: Growing guide. The agronomist Rafael Tatis will comment on this work of his own ...

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